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Get your Zinc-infused sheet set today for a healthier night's sleep.


Sheets. Perfected.

Experience the amazing benefits of Zinc.

Why Buy Modern Zinc Bedding?

Advanced Zinc Fibers

Great for your body, even better for your bed.

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Health Benefits

Wake up feeling refreshed every morning.

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Our Zinc infused fabrics will eliminate odors, keeping your sheets fresh.

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I have to say, these are some great sheets! Amazing quality and so soft and comfortable.

– Rene Francisco

I am loving the sheets. I feel more jovial and fully rested in the morning.

– John Bapter

Feel The Difference

We use long staple single ply threads in our bedding to give you the most comfortable nights sleep. Our 400 thread count sateen woven sheets are the perfect balance between softness and breathability.

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Luxury at a Discount

By selling online directly to you, we cut out the middle man and can sell luxury quality sheets at a significant discount. Our sheets would cost over $600 in a retail stores.

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